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What Is Magick & Witchcraft… And Why Learn It?

Witchcraft Lessons: What Is Magick & Witchcraft… And Why Learn It?

The domain of witchcraft is the realm of the unseen. There is much more in the physical world than meets the eye. 

Magick and witchcraft are a combination of science and art, using unseen forces, spirits, energies, and elemental forces (which are the forces of nature) to affect and manipulate the physical world. 

When we start to train and awaken our magical senses and develop certain occult faculties, we will begin to see things that are hidden behind the veil, and we are able to commune and interact with the unseen realms of existence. 

Within this web of reality we inhabit, every living thing, object, and so forth possesses a certain energy frequency… When you learn how to sense and control these energy frequencies, you are able to manipulate this physical reality with non-physical, “supernatural” means… and improve your life.

We can affect the world, people, and different events and reshape them according to our desire… and truly take control of our own destiny.

In the process of mastering the Black Arts, black meaning “hidden”, your understanding of yourself and the reality you inhabit will also change. 

You will realize that you’re not exploring yourself, but the whole Universe, the whole consciousness system that we all are connected to.

You will learn that through your occult physical existence, meaning your chakra energy system, and your aura you are connected to everything, and in a deeper level of reality, everything is One.

The Universe experiences itself through an individual vessel, which is you. 

You are Spirit, a consciousness that temporarily inhabits this avatar, your physical body. 

As a witch or sorcerer, when you do magick and ritual work, the change you cause in the external world is achieved through an energetic internal change.

Magick & Witchcraft lessons - What Is Magick & Witchcraft… And Why Learn It?
What Is Magick & Witchcraft… And Why Learn It?

As you begin to awaken your magical powers, you will learn how to change this energetic construct within you, and you’ll start to reshape your life and have more control over it.

Through magick and witchcraft, you will affect and change the physical manifestations around you. 

Your occult physical existence is built in the image of god. Magick leads to the union with the whole, and through that connection with the whole, you’re able to act as a god upon this world through nonphysical means.

Over time, through your magical practice, you’ll realize that this is actually true and very real.

Magick is the main driving invisible force behind anything that occurs in life… It is a hidden dimension of energy, consciousness, and intelligence that shapes the destiny of our species.

As a witch or sorcerer the more you use this untenable power, the more you will feed it… and the more you feed it, the stronger it will become.

You will become an unstoppable force and the world will be your playground.

The ultimate realization for humankind is to experience spiritual ascend and spiritual evolution.

It’s your destiny to discover the truth about your origin, the secrets of your existence, and the powers you hold…

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Witchcraft Lessons: What Is Magick & Witchcraft… And Why Lean It?

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