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Spruce Tree In Witchcraft & Folk Medicine

Spruce Tree In Witchcraft & Folk Medicine. The sacred evergreen spruce (Picea abies or Picea obovata), the directional guardian of the North.

Some Tips For Using Spruce:

? Magical Aspects: Enlightenment, healing, grounding, protection, cleansing, and intuition.

? Spruce needles are known by wise folk to enhance magical powers and abilities. Spruce helps develop intuition and it can be burned to stimulate psychic abilities.

? The scent of spruce heightens awareness for divination and spiritual work.

? Spruce provides protection and helps overcome and remove hexes.

? Spruce needles (mixed with birch leaves) are added to ritual candles to be used as offerings to Ancestors and different spirits.

? The needles or cones can be used to connect with the energy of the local forest spirits.

? Spruce tea can be used as a magical tonic during útiseta (“sitting out” meditation) to communicate with the ancestors, spirits, and gods.

? Spruce needle tea is high in vitamin C. It boosts your immune system and brightens your spirit.

Spruce Tree In Witchcraft and Folk Medicine – © Photo by Ráven Myrkwoód

? Freshly made decoction of spruce needles revitalizes the body and mind.

? The Native American Hopi tribe believe that the spruce tree was once a medicine man by the name of Salavi, imbuing the tree with protective power against illness.

? Spruce resin contains various antioxidants and flavonoids, and it is used in the treatment of various forms of skin damage.

? Some plant spruces on the graves of their loved ones believing that their souls would inhabit the trees.

? Here in the North, in ancient times pines were used for worship and sacrifice.

? Spruce spirit is a link to the hard-won wisdom of our past elders and ancestors… who lived and died in cold northern forests under spruce’s watchful eye.

? Spruce was believed to be a symbol of eternal life; which explains the tradition to adorn homes with this tree on Winter Solstice (Yule). Here in the North, Yule trees were brought inside to provide a warm and festive place for tree spirits who inhabited the forests. This was also a good way to invite the spirits to participate in Solstice rituals…

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