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Sigil Magick & Scrying

Sigil Magick And Scrying

A sigil used with some kind of scrying device is a powerful tool for spirit communication and gateways to other planes of existence. 

Personally, I like to think of the sigil as a spirit’s personal “phone number” you can use to make substantial contact. It can be drawn on a piece of paper, cloth, animal skin, birchbark, etc.

As a scrying device, you can use e.g. a black mirror, a large crystal, or a bowl filled with water, blood, or some flammable liquid to scry into the fire. I’ve also had great results with different water areas; like ponds, lakes, rivers, swamps, etc.

Sigil Magick And Scrying
Sigil Magick & Scrying - © Ráven Myrkwoód

A Few Tips, When Using A Sigil With A Scrying Tool

✅ Step 1. Focus and relax your body, breath calmly, and start meditating. 

After a few minutes, put your focus on the spirit’s sigil. Don’t stare at it intensively per se, but sort of “scry” into it and keep your eyes relaxed at all times. Simultaneously chanting the spirit’s name. 

Keep your focus on the sigil, and soon you will notice that the sigil starts to come alive, flash and radiate with energy. 

✅ Step 2. Next, when the sigil is alive and activated, move your sight on the surface of the black mirror (or scrying bowl) while chanting the spirit’s name. Scry into the mirror/bowl, deeper into the darkness, continuing to conjure and chant the spirit’s name aloud, silently, or whispering. 

As you chant, you will begin to have a sense of the spirit’s presence in the room. You might hear weird sounds, noises, or whispers, feel a touch on your skin, feel energetic pressure in different parts of your body. You also might smell different odors, scents, etc. 

✅ Step 3. When you start to sink into the “trance state”, you will notice that the surrounding of your mirror will blacken, and the scrying mirror will start to become alive. The first thing you will see is the ghostly white (sometimes also sparkly) mist or smoke on the mirror’s surface. Keep staring into the mirror/bowl, sink deeper into the trance state.

Let go of your control and enter the crossroads between the worlds.

Allow your mind’s eye to receive, and eventually, the mist/smoke moves to the side and the spirit you summoned will appear. 

A basic ritual like this is all that is necessary, don’t overthink it, don’t over-complicate things. Trust yourself.

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