Runecast - The Four Directions Layout


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Runecast – The Four Directions Layout

Runecast – The Four Directions Layout. In Nordic Mythology, Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri are dvärgar (Norse dwarfs) that are said to hold up the sky created from the skull of the giant Ymir. Each dwarf support one of the four cardinal points, Norðri “Northern”, Suðri “Southern”, Austri “Eastern” and Vestri “Western”. The four dvärgar are also connected to the four winds.

This Rune cast is made up of four runes, representing the four directions of the compass; North, South, East, and West.

Rune Positions, Reading Order & Meanings:

I. Vestri (West): The past – This rune reveals the past influences in regard to the rune question. The past desires and influences of your ancestors may also be reflected in this rune. A rune in this position reveals events in the past that have direct relevance to the present situation.

II. Suðri (South): The present – This rune corresponds to the path you are currently on. This rune reveals the present things and influences in regard to the rune question.

III. Austri (East): The future – This rune relates to the veiled future. It reveals the possible future influences and obstacles to watch for that may hinder the goal or outcome you have set.

IV. Norðri (North): This rune reveals the possible/potential outcome of the rune cast. It may provide a possible future scenario that is dependent on the choices that you make. Keep in mind that runes don’t offer exact answers as the future isn’t fixed…

The word “rune” comes from an Old Norse word “rūn”, which means “hidden, secret, whisper, mystery, magic sign”. In Old Irish Gaelic, the word rún means “mystery, secret, “intention, affectionate love.” Similarly in Welsh and Old English, the word rhin and rūn respectively means “mystery, secret, secret writing”.

The root “rūn” can also be found in the Baltic languages, meaning “speech”. In Lithuanian, “runoti” means both “to cut (with a knife)” and “to speak”. In Finnish we have the word “runo” which means “poem” or a section of the Finnish Kalevala (Epic poetry from Finnish and Karelian oral folklore and mythology)…

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