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Meditation Secrets – Awaken Your Hidden “Superhuman” Powers

In order to learn real sorcery and witchcraft, and truly become the master of your own life, you will have to learn how to discipline yourself and learn how to control your mind. Here your daily meditation practice comes in to play.

Meditation, as a tool, is the key to your magickal power and when practised regularly, it will awaken your full potential and unlock your hidden “superhuman” abilities. With meditation you can connect to so-called “Super Consciousness” or “Universal Mind” and once you are in this altered state of consciousness, you will awaken the “sleeping god” within you, and manifest things into your life more quickly.

When practising meditation daily, you will learn how to control these different states of consciousness and the powers of reshaping and becoming the creator of your own reality.

Over thousands of years of time humankind has been purposely separated from the truth of who we really are, why we are really here, and what we are really capable of. For too long have these occult secrets been kept from us by the privileged “elite” few who use it to rule over everyone else. You are more powerful than you know, and they fear the day you discover it…

Artwork by Cameron Gray www.ParableVisions.com

Pranayama – The Path Of Force & Breath

Pranayama/Prāṇāyāma is a Sanskrit word and loosely translates to “control of breath”, but more accurately it means “controlling energy or life force with breath”. Sanskrit word “Prāṇa” means “life energy, life force”, and it is the cosmic force of all creation and all destruction.

In Old Norse tradition it is called “Önd”, The Chinese call it “Chi”, Egyptians named it “Ka” and to yogis, it is known as “Prāna.” “Yāma” means “reining in, discipline, control”, so by controlling your breath you can control Prāṇa, and have the full power of Brahmā – the creator god force. Therefore, some yoga gurus consider pranayama as the most important part of their practice. Wikipedia definition of Pranayama can be found here.

The Four-Fold Breath Meditation

Many people tend to complicate meditation, but it does not need to be so. The four-fold breath is a simple but powerful meditative method of breathwork, and it will calm and “centre” the practitioner and help prepare for meditation and ritual workings.

This four-fold breath meditation exercise is pretty easy, but effective. You simply Inhale to a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four, exhale for a count of four, and hold for a count of four. Then you repeat the whole cycle over and over again. To make this exercise even more effective, try to rhythm your breathing/counting to your heartbeat.

Experiment with this exercise and like with any magical practice, always keep a journal and write down your experiences and sensations.

Nadi Shodhana – The Dragon’s Breath

The double helix spiral Serpent energy (Ida & Pingala) has two pathways and those pathways can be controlled individually through which nostril you are focusing on when you inhale.

When you inhale only through your right nostril (pressing your right-hand index finger to your left nostril and closing it) you will produce more solar energy. Solar energy is more active and aggressive in nature. Breathing only through your left nostril (pressing your left-hand index finger to your right nostril), you will produce a more lunar, more passive, receptive energy.

Both solar and lunar energies are equally important. If you are feeling that your body is lacking either one of these energies, you can balance them up with this breathing exercise.

Old Norse Útiseta & Náttiseta Meditation

In Norse/Nordic Shamanism and Sorcery, Útiseta and Náttseta are key factors attaining personal gnosis, knowledge and power.

Old Norse Útiseta & Náttiseta Meditation – © Photo by Ráven Myrkwoód

Útiseta is an Old Norse term meaning “sitting out”, and it simply means going out into the wilderness for meditation and vision quest. Náttiseta is my personal term I use and it means the same thing as Útiseta, but you are conducting your meditation and vision quest in nature at night time. When I personally practice Náttiseta, I enter the wilderness right before sunset and often times come back not until sunrise.

In more advanced levels Útiseta and Náttiseta meditation can become “journeying” or “faring forth”… in modern terms simply meaning “astral projection” or “soul travel”. This happens when a specific part of your “soul” or your “astral body” leaves your body and travels to spirit worlds and other realms… while still being connected to your physical body.

Opening Chakras Using Bija Mantras

Chakras are, what I like to call them “Trans-Dimensional Energy Portals”. There are seven basic chakras in the human body and several hidden ones. Chakra (pronounced “cha”-“kra”) is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk”. It is a centre of energy which energy flows through. Chakra manifest itself as a wheel of light and every chakra has its own colour.

Ráven Myrkwoód - The Secrets Of Meditation
The Seven Main Chakras In Human Body

In every creation myth, the Universe was created by some kind of sound. Whether it was a word or a song etc. there was always a sound involved… and as we know, the sound is vibration. Therefore, chakras can be activated by using so-called Bija Mantras, or “Seed Sounds”.

Mantra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “to liberate one’s mind”. In Vedic tradition, “Bija Mantras” are used as ancient sound vibration tools for the expansion of one’s mind, and thus creating transformation within ourselves. When you start transforming from within, simultaneously you will start affecting the “outside of yourself”, and the reality you inhabit. As within, so without… as above, so below.

Bija Mantras & Color Correspondences for Each Chakra (See the above picture):

1. The first chakra is Muladhara (Root Chakra). It is located at the base of your spine, between anus and genitals. Its colour is red and its Bija Mantra is “LAM” – Element of earth.

2. The Second chakra is Swadhistana (Sacral Chakra) It is located between the genitals and the navel. Its colour is orange and its Bija Mantra is “VAM” – Element of water.

3. The third chakra is Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) It is located in the abdominal area. Its colour is bright yellow and its Bija Mantra is “RAM” – Element of fire.

4. The fourth chakra is Anahata (Heart Chakra) It is located directly over the heart. Its colour is deep green and its Bija Mantra is “YAM – Element of earth.

5. The fifth chakra is Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) It is located over the throat. Its colour is light blue and its Bija Mantra is “HAM” – Element of Air.

6. The sixth chakra is Ajna (Third Eye Chakra – The pineal gland) It is located slightly above and exactly between the eyes. Its colour is indigo and its Bija Mantra is both “KRIM” and “RAM” – Element of fire.

7. The seventh chakra is Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) It is located on the crown of the head. Its colour is violet and its Bija Mantra is “AUM (OMM)” – Element of spirit.

*Note* What I personally consider to be the eight Major Chakra is the Zeal Chakra (also called the “Mouth Of God, Bliss Chakra, Ascension Chakra or Alta Major”). It is located in the back of the head, at the base of the skull (Medulla Oblongata). This Chakra is not mentioned often, but I have personally found it to be a really important one, especially if you are into magick, different healing & energy work, etc.

As a result, when channelling your energy through Zeal Chakra and Anja Chakra (Third Eye) really enables you to push your Will and your intentions out into the Universe.

Ráven Myrkwoód - The Secrets Of Meditation
Artwork by Cameron Gray www.ParableVisions.com

Lesson 1. A common mistake I see many people doing when learning to work with Chakras is that they start to open their Chakras from bottom to top. Even some new age self-proclaimed “gurus” teach this false information. The thing is that your lower, basic chakras get cluttered and “dirty” during your daily life, and therefore, if you work with your chakras starting from your Muladhara (Root Chakra) you will pull up that “dirt” and clutter your upper chakras as well. To prevent this from happening, first, you will have to cleanse and rinse your chakras from top to bottom, and only then open them one by one from bottom to up.

First, take your favourite Asana (Āsana is a Sanskrit word meaning “sitting down, posture”) My usual posture is sitting cross-legged. Cross-legged sitting helps create a stable base for meditation. In your āsana, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Start visualizing a bright light-gathering like a radiating cloud above your head. If you can’t yet visualize the bright light with your mind’s eye, simply just try to feel it. In many cases, the feeling is more important than actually seeing it.

Inhale through your nose and focus your awareness on your Sahasrara Chakra. Then exhale and simultaneously vibrate the mantra: “AUM (OMM)”. Visualize the bright light coming down to your Ajna Chakra, like a waterfall and simultaneously cleansing and relaxing your body. Focus your awareness on your Ajna Chakra. While you exhale, vibrate: “Agni Tanno Prachodayat” (“Agni (god of fire), bring me enlightenment”)… you are asking Agni to purify and baptize you by water and fire. Visualize and sense the bright energy light sweeping down through your body, cleansing your lower chakras one by one, and relaxing your body even more.

Now you can start fully opening your Chakras using Bija Mantras. Start from Muladhara and work your way up to Sahasrara. While opening each chakra and vibrating its “Bija”, try to visualize the chakra vibrating and cracking open like an egg, glowing and radiating its own color. Your Kundalini, the double helix spiral Serpent energy (Ida & Pingala), will travel up through your spine up to your Third Eye, sending energy through your whole body and being.

Ráven Myrkwoód - The Secrets Of Meditation
The Double Helix Spiral Serpent Energy (Ida & Pingala)

1. Focus your awareness to your Muladhara chakra, vibrate the mantra “LAM.”

2. Then, focus your awareness to your Swadisthana chakra, vibrate “VAM.”

3. Then, to your Manipura chakra, and vibrate Bija Mantra “RAM.”

4. Then, to your Anahata chakra, and vibrate Bija Mantra “YAM.”

5. Then, to your Vishuddha chakra, and vibrate Bija Mantra “HAM.”

6. Then, too your Ajna Chakra, and vibrate Bija Mantra “RAM” once again.

7. And, finally, to your Sahasrara chakra, and vibrate Bija Mantra “AUM.”

8. Repeat “AUM” 2-3 more times, feeling all of your chakras activated and your body radiating with godlike power. Then you can channel and convert this power into your Zeal Chakra (located on the back of your head), from there to your Anahata (Heart Chakra), and lastly release your power through your hands into the world.

Lesson 2. Other Bija “Seed Sound” Mantras. While vibrating these Mantras, at the same time turn your attention to your Ajna Chakra and the base of your spine simultaneously. When you are vibrating Mantras, you are creating a steady sound which will attract the Force.

1. “AH” – The sound of Creation & Manifestation. By using this mantra, you are projecting your Will through the Ajna Chakra.

2. “VE” – Don’t push but force the sound to come out, simply let it flow out effortlessly while exhaling. Experiment with the pitch and tone, find what works for you. Don’t let your voice crack.

3. “LL” – Harvest the power of the gods. You produce this sound by pressing your tongue and holding it against the roof of your mouth. Stimulates both your Zeal Chakra and Ajna Chakra (Pineal Gland). Feel free to experiment with other vowels and consonants and see what effects it will have on you. You can go through your whole alphabet if you like. Your native, English or other.

These are some of my personal exercises, feel free to experiment with them. As I said earlier, it is really important to keep a magical journal and write down all your meditations, experiences and sensations. In this way, you can always back reference and monetize your progress.

Talk again soon,

— The Witch from the North 

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