Magick Gateways & Portals To The Spirit Worlds


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Magick Gateways & Portals To The Spirit Worlds

Magick Gateways & Portals To The Spirit Worlds.

Hey my friend, 

Today I wanted to talk about “magickal gateways”. 

Magickal gateways are well-known in different magical traditions all around the world. These gateways are “portals” or “doorways” that a witch or sorcerer can open between the spirit world and the physical world. 

Early on in my occult career, when I first came across and started experimenting with these gateways, I discovered that there are several types of portals between the worlds. 

Some of the portals are drawn or constructed on the ground and are magickally opened through rituals and rites – acting as a gateway, or a “bridge” between the worlds.

Magick Gateways & Portals To The Spirit Worlds

When you step inside of the gateway and awaken your magical vision, you will start to see the lines of the gate around you radiating and glowing… 

In my experience, often, golden, blue, or red color… 

and the active doorway is ready for you to travel through it to the other side. 

Another type of portal is a natural gateway, usually found in nature where the veil between the worlds has for some reason grown thin. 

These will usually feel like “cold spots”. Sometimes you can also feel electromagnetic “push” or “pull” if you happen to find one of these natural gateways. 

The more you have trained your magical senses, the easier it is going to be to sense these portals. 

Gateways are also formed between the worlds on purpose, or accidentally when certain spiritual or highly emotional activities are repeatedly performed in the same place over long periods of time. 

For this reason, there are known to be many so-called “haunted” places filled with poltergeist activity.

Magick Gateways & Portals To The Spirit Worlds

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the flow of energy through these portals is not one-directional. 

When astral gateways are opened, this world is flooded with energy and it allows spirits to travel back and forth through these gateways. 

This makes the practice of using such gateways very useful for the witch or sorcerer, as they not only will allow him/her to visit the world of the different spirits, entities, gods, spirit guides, etc. that he/she wants to work with, but these portals allow those spirits to enter this world, which can be very useful for the sorcerer’s most powerful rituals and spells.

In ancient times, known for their power  magical abilities, sorcerers and shamans were often referred to as “Gate Keepers” or “Keepers of the Gate“.

They were often tasked to guard and keep an eye on open and unguarded gates (and to close them if necessary), so the unwanted, malevolent beings from the other side don’t pass through into this world. 

All though often overlooked, the most potent magickal portals are: 

1. Fire is the gateway to the manifestation of power itself and is the portal of creation. Candles, campfires, bonfires, torches, oil lamps, etc. can be used as the physical medium from which the gateway of fire can be opened. 

2. Water is the gateway to the manifestation of spirit, the ether, the field of consciousness and essence in which all things exist. 

In rituals and spells, a cauldron, chalice, or bowl of water can be used to access the portal of water… also a scrying mirror or a crystal ball/quartz sphere can be used. 

But the best place to open this gate, is near natural water, like a lake, pond, swamp, river, or stream. 

3. Blood is the gateway to the manifestation of the self. This portal can be opened through sacrifice and blood offerings. 

I know blood magick might be a bit of “tabu” in today’s “modern” society… but it’s an ancient magical technology and tradition, used for thousands of years in different cultures… still today in many places. 

In blood magick, a drop or two is just enough (depending on the ritual or rite). It is common to use a needle or a lancet to prick a finger. In ritual, your blood also has a magical link to your DNA 🧬 and hence can be used in many powerful ways in different rites and spells… 

Btw, have you ever found any “natural gateways”, I mentioned earlier? If you have, leave a comment below and tell me… 👇

Talk again soon,

— Your Virtual Witchcraft Coach

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