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My Proven Method To See Spirits & Auras

This Week’s Magick Tip – How To See Spirits & Auras.

Today I want to share with you a powerful method to see spirits and auras. 

There is a specific magical gaze that allows you to see energies, and as you develop this skill over time, you are able to see spirits and auras. 

This technique also works for scrying too. 

The important thing here is to know, that you will not see the spirit in front of you with your physical eyes, but you are seeing it within your “mind’s eye”.

So, How Do You Practice This Magical Gaze? 👁​

The gaze that you are about to use here, is a 180-degree gaze. To start practicing this skill, you will first need to sit down on a floor or chair. 

Then you will make sure that you can see 180 degrees to your side (sometimes even more). When you relax your eyes and keep this gaze, you will soon begin to see static around you. 

Don’t focus on that static, or any specific object for that matter, just focus on having the full 180 degrees in the field of your vision. 

As you do that, your physical gaze will get more blurry, and the energy around you which looks like static is going to be clearer. Keep the gaze and don’t move your eyes, otherwise, your gaze and focus will break. 

If you lift your hand, without focusing on your hand (keep your gaze wide), you will begin to see energy around your hand.

As you keep your gaze, relax deeper into that and wait, and you will start to see more layers of your aura… It will take you a couple of minutes to activate this gaze.

How To See Spirits & Auras

Also, it’s going to be harder, if the environment is very bright. There’s a reason why temples are usually darker, it makes it easier for you to see the energies and the spirits that you are working with. 

You will need to understand though, that your physical vision is probably still many times stronger than your spiritual vision, but that will change over time.

When Do You Use This Magical Gaze?

You will usually use it to “scan” things, people, spirits, objects, surroundings, etc. to get additional information. 

By practice, you will be able just look to at a person, “scan” their energy, and maybe see if there is something around them that should not be there (or not). 

You are also able to look into objects and extract information from the object. 

You see, every physical object is surrounded by energy that is characterizing that object. In a lot of ways, that energy gives the object its shape.

Remember, success with magick and witchcraft takes dedication and discipline and you only learn by doing and through experience. So, it’s important that you take action and implement what I teach you… (You can find more blog posts Here)

Good luck with your practice 

Talk again soon,

— Your Virtual Witchcraft Coach

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