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Take advantage of Ráven Myrkwoód's 15+ years of success with witchcraft, sorcery, the Occult Arts, and spiritual evolution. Learn everything you need to totally transform your life, no matter who you are or where you're from.

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Personal Consultations

Get personal support and guidance from a real Nordic Witch & Shamanic Sorcerer, and get solution to your Occult & Spiritual problem... Book your 1-on-1 session Here

FREE Witchcraft eBook & Course

Get FREE Witchcraft Kickstart eBook & 7-Day Magick eCourse. Learn the secrets of sorcery, magick, and Witchcraft. Get real results and change your life... Get Free access here

In Person Training Bootcamp

Finally... you can learn real Magick & Sorcery IN PERSON… Get the World's BEST, cutting- edge occult training with Ráven Myrkwoód... Join Bootcamp Here

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Ritual For Hire (Coming Soon)

Let me perform custom magick ritual for you, so you get real results, and you can even watch me do it with a live HD video recording... Book "Sorcery for Hire" Here

Live Rune Reading (Coming Soon)

Get real and accurate Rune reading from a real Sorcerer. Let me reveal the unseen forces governing your life through the power of the Runes... Book Reading Here

Live Tarot Reading (Coming Soon)

Get real and accurate Tarot reading from a real, experienced Sorcerer. Receive REAL critical insights into your life through Tarot... Book Reading Here


At some point along my magical journey, I hit a brick wall and Ráven really helped me to reach my next level. I’ve had many mentors and teachers in the past, but Ráven was the only one who genuinely seem to care and didn’t over complicate things. I highly recommend his expertise.

Freyja A.


Sandvika, Norway

Connecting with Ráven Myrkwoód aka Witch from the North was a huge eye-opener for me. He shared such incredible knowledge and wisdom that is so simple and easy to implement, yet really powerful. I’m very excited right now. You are the best man. You changed my life. Thank you so much!

The shortcut to success is to get help from someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. That’s where Ráven comes in. Ráven Myrkwoód is a phenomenal Sorcerer and Occult Teacher who really cares about his students. Such a great and inspiring person. Highly recommended.

Caroline M.


Norwalk, USA

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