Hi, I'm Ráven Myrkwoód...

My name is Ráven Myrkwoód, aka “Witch from the North”, and I am a professional Shamanic Sorcerer, Nordic Witch, Occult Consultant and Spiritual Advisor from Finland… the ancient land of thousands of lakes, magical forests, giants, powerful witches, and legendary shamans…

I am living proof that magick is real, and it can change your life forever

Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of me before… because up until now, I’ve been working and operating underground, away from the public eye. For several years, people have secretly referred to me as the “Witch from the North”.

I Dedicated My Life To Witchcraft...

At a really young age, as far as I can remember, I could see spirits, and communicate with them. My bedroom acted like a portal or crossroads between the words and night-time visitations from the spirits and other entities really freaked me out. It all escalated over a decade ago when I had an encounter with the “Ancient Ones/Old Ones” and I was called to take the road less travelled… 

I embraced my destiny, devoted myself to the occult and started learning this forbidden knowledge to create real, verifiable change in my life. Eventually, I attained what seemed impossible, I have made a covenant with the supernatural and I have manifested miracles. But I’m not special, you can do it too.

My Career As A Professional Sorcerer...

Shortly after my personal breakthrough with magick, I realized that if I could use magick to create real, verifiable change in my life, I knew that I could help other people to do the same. 
Soon I became “a man on a mission” and found myself teaching these secrets and forbidden occult knowledge to other like-minded people, and witnessed the quality of their lives change immensely. I have consulted magicians, sorcerers, witches, entrepreneurs, celebrities, rock stars, public figures, etc… people from all different walks of life. 
Helping others and seeing them getting results brings me great joy and pleasure.

My Mission, My Goal & My Purpose...

My mission and my purpose is to make a difference by doing my own humble part of keeping the Old Traditions alive and share my knowledge and experiences with the Dark Arts. I am here to inspire you and empower you, and openly and sincerely to help you awaken your true potential. I am here to help you to find your true purpose in life, so that you can do what really matters in life and what you are meant here to do.

If you’re a witch, or sorcerer or want to become one… or just interested in the Old Ways, and feel this “inner calling”, I believe I have some insights and experiences that can help you make an incredible impact in your lifeIt does not matter if you’re new to magick or an adept – I surely can help you to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Freedom Is Our Birthright...

I personally think, freedom is our birthright and magick is for everyone who wishes to practice it and better their life – not just for the privileged “elite” few who use it to rule over everyone else, and transgress human freedoms around the world. The truth is, for too long humankind has been purposely separated from the truth of who we are, why are we here and what we are capable of. You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you discover it.

If you are reading these words right now, you were destined to find me and I sincerely welcome you to try and experience real witchcraft for yourself. You have nothing to lose but your chains… Life is too short to be anything but happy, so kickstart your transformation today and learn real sorcery & witchcraft right here »

It’s your time,

— The Witch from the North


We at RavenMyrkwood.com are creating a movement in order to provide an education for the millions of people around the world who desperately need and want to transform their spiritual lives. 

We hold 2 core beliefs:

1. Spirituality is for everyone. There are no prerequisites for success with witchcraft, practical spirituality and developing psychic abilities. Literally, anyone can do it. If you’re a human being, and you have the desire, then you’re able to succeed. We humans are naturally gifted with spirituality. It doesn’t matter what your genetics or past lives are. 

2. It is our moral duty to evolve. When we observe nature, we see evolution taking place. In this sense, we hold evolution to be a natural obligation for humans. This is called spirituality– the conscious act of personal evolution.


Our highly ambitious goals are a logical extension and reflection of our beliefs. We are: 

1. Creating cutting-edge education that truly shows you how to develop all your spiritual and magical abilities. We are constructing a curriculum of training programs that show you how to learn REAL witchcraft, sorcery and practical spirituality, and most importantly, how the get REAL verifiable results. This is the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum of magical, mystical and psychic training ever made.

2. Teaching techniques that are proven to work. We have either invented or discovered all the techniques and strategies that we present. All of our material is authentic, effective and proven to work. No BS, no “New Age” Fluff and nonsense.

3. Making the information easy to access. We have modernized all the language in our spiritual material to make it easier for contemporary readers to understand. Rarely will you find arcane words from foreign languages, like Sanskrit or Hebrew, for example. 

Furthermore, we deliver all our content in the most technologically advanced way– instantly online, for your convenience. Not only that, virtually all our programs are in high-definition video format, featuring live demonstrations of everything we teach, for the most immersive and detailed learning experience. 

4. Making money fairly. The truth is we are nurturing an educational business, so it needs to make money to thrive and grow. We do our very best to provide you the most enjoyable and intellectually satisfying experience we can. If you’re ever unhappy, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

5. Growing a spiritual movement that empowers the human race to enter the next phase of human evolution. We achieve this goal through education and practice, thus the creation of RavenMyrkwood.com to fulfill these needs.

Here's How I Can Help You...

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